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Dream - is the definite feeling of desire for something. Dream is something, that makes a man act to achieve this. The dreams are possible due to our imagination, that can paint in our mind various pictures, regardless of what's happening now. Our dreams are those pictures in our mind, when we think about them, they inspire us with the passion and arouse very strong positive emotions. They take our breath away and carry us out away from reality. But please note, that for various people those images are different. That is why, if somebody does not understand your dream, do not worry about this and do not pay any attention, just continue moving forward toward your dream.

Do you remember about your dreams in the childhood? You were enthusiastic about flying the jet aircraft, about being the owners of the international business. You did not even doubt to live in the fantastic house on the oceanfront. In the childhood we did not limits of our dreams. Various pictures with the images of our future hang on the walls of our house. There were motor boats, yachts, supersonic airplanes, brand new automobiles, houses, beaches the crystal-clear water. And what happened than? Children grows up and stop thinking about their dreams. They start to understand the reality and their dreams become something unreal. They start realizing that nothing comes easy. To achieve success, they have to work hard. So they forget about their dreams. This way is the easiest one. You can forget about your dreams and there will be no reason to work for. But our world demands not much, just stay dreaming and working toward your dream.

Dreams - are the most valuable we have in our life. They inspire us, they fire us up, they make people to work 20 hours and to sleep only 4 hours a day and do not feel tired. The dreams make people to work wonders. Other people just say 'this is impossible', but I convince you if it is your dream, there is nothing impossible for you. If the thing you're dreaming about does not exist in the world at all, it will be created for you. Everything you can imagine, you can achieve.
Our imagination is the source of our dreams. The man who has dreams is totally different from others: his eyes sparkles, his is very enthusiastic, he sees the way, he knows what to do, his mind is always busy working on making his dreams come true. You can always notice a smile on the face of this person, and the sense of life. This feeling is very difficult to put into words. If I ask you a question what are dreams, what image appears in your mind. If the word dream arouse in your mind the clear and accurate image, you may be sure you have the dream. If it arouses nothing or some dull images, you have to work on your dream. Try to ask other people the same question. Probably they will not understand you, or they will have a hard time to answer your question. Rarely someone gives you an answer, but you will not find his eyes sparking about this. If his eyes remain dark as before, you may be sure, this is not a dream. Dream is absolutely clear. It can be either small (starting from the new washer) or big. In each case try to be silent about your real dreams. Do not tell it anybody, except your leader, the person who really cares about life. Other people will discuss this dream, laugh at it. They will not believe you can reach it, that's why will try to stop you on it's way. Your enemies will use your dream against you, to make you feel bad. Either they will prevent you to reach your dream. It will be much easier to hold your dream in your heart and make one step at a time toward your dream.


There is one more word, that seems to be very close to dream, but has absolutely different meaning. People often mix up the dream with this word. This is fantasy. Fantasy - is the definite feeling of wishing something. BUT the man is not ready to take action to reach this fantasy. Now lets discuss the feelings of the person who has a dream and a person who has a fantasy

The man with dream

1. is ready to take actions to achieve his dream
2. feels a great desire towards his dream
3. feels the need to get this dream
4. believe the dream will come true, believe he can makes it come true

When you have a dream, you experience desire, you are in need of your dream. This is not just a hope or wishful thinking. The dream obscures all other small and negative thoughts, it becomes an obsession. This state of mind is necessary for the strong decision to take actions, to put your dream over other unimportant and inconsiderable goals and plans. It helps to attain the persistence and consistency in actions that will exclude failure in the end result. And only this desire will bring you success. Only this desire will make your dreams come true. Your desire should be so strong to make you stand firm and be able to convince yourself in the future success. You have to believe in your dream till the time it becomes an obsession and only then this obsession transforms in reality. Every person, who wants to become a winner should be able to burn all bridges and cut all the roads back. Only in this case you will attain the state of mind called a burning desire, that is essentially important for reaching the dream.

The man with fantasy

1. is NOT ready to take actions to achieve the fantasy
2. has a state of mind called wishful thinking
3. hopes some day the fantasy comes true
4. DOES NOT believe it comes true
5. DOEST NOT believe he can make it comes true
6. Resignation, getting used to the current state of affairs

The major factor that differs dream from fantasy is the power of the wish. When wish is strong enough to makes us act, it becomes a dream. The next important factor is believe. On these two factors depend the outcome. These two factors give the answer why man CAN act to achieve the dream or why he CAN NOT.

Are you a dreamer or a wishful thinker?

And now lets look aside for a minute. Take a look at your wishes. Are they dreams or just wishes? Do not worry if they seem wishes. At least now you know about this. Other people even do not know about this and hope for the best saying maybe some day they will come true. Then walk out and buy a lottery-ticket, or even worse spent time in casino and loose money they already have.
Either forget about fantasies or turn them into dreams.
First of all, look at your fantasy and answer yourself do I really need this or it would be good to have this? If you really do not need this, forget about this fantasy. Fantasy takes your energy away and bring only disappointment and sorrow, because you think how miserable you are, you can not achieve this. In case if you really need the things you're painting in your imagination, the problem is with your belief. Try to find out and realize why you do not believe in this dream. Maybe this dream takes too much time and energy to become true, maybe you do not believe in yourself and doubt you're able to accomplish this. Without fate you will not find energy and power to take actions towards your dream. Keep in mind that there is a difference between the ordinary wish and readiness to have this. The man is ready to possess something only and only if he believes he CAN do it and achieve success. This belief and conviction must become the state of mind. Not the hope or wish, but belief and conviction. The only method of conscious influence on your mind is self suggestion.

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